Streamlining Pig Production: Pigagro Group Finds Success with Cloudfarms

One of Cloudfarms’ customers, Pigagro, the Danish company, a market leader in pig production, has invested in modernizing their barns and digitizing their workflows to make data-driven decisions that impact production costs, employee productivity, and animal welfare. Watch the video to see how the Cloudfarms mobile app and Benchmark Farm to Farm report help the farm manager compare and improve production across multiple sites.


What farm manager said?  

We sat down with Mr. Jaroslav Csanky, a farm manager for Pigagro in Slovakia, to learn how he uses Cloudfarms to compare and improve production at his farms. As a farm manager, he needed real-time data to improve decision-making, prioritize time, and measure costs across multiple sites. By using Cloudfarms data management solution he was able to capture data real-time through the easy to use mobile app and evaluate all his farms together in the Benchmark Farm to Farm report. This report shows production results for each farm side by side in one simple report, allowing you to easily compare farms and make data-driven decisions. 

Watch the video to take a closer look at how Jaro and his team evaluated production results from multiple sites to optimize production across their farms using smart technology from Cloudfarms.  

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