Traceability from Field to Fork

Improve safety, quality, and efficiency of your farm to provide products that meet the highest standards of the food industry.
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Traceability System makes it easy to:


Identify every individual animal from birth to slaughter


Track health, genetics and movement throughout pig’s life


Track medications and feeding to improve quality of the final product


Store information in a centralized database that can be accessed by all stakeholders in the supply chain


Provide transparent data to customers

About Traceability from Field to Fork

Animal Tracking, also known as Pig Passport, is a critical aspect of modern pig management. System enables tracking of every pig on the farm with data that helps optimize animal welfare. Farmers can monitor the health and well-being of each pig, ensuring they receive proper care and treatment. 

This also enables early detection of potential health issues, allowing farmers to take action quickly and prevent the spread of diseases.  

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Traceability from Field to Fork tool tracks every stage of the pig management process, from breeding to the final product. Farmers can quickly identify the source of any concerns, ensuring the product meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

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