Introducing our new feature: Performance Dashboards – Seeing your data in a whole new way!

As we all know, the swine industry is facing a unique mix of challenges today. Pig producers are experiencing supply chain issues, labor shortages, increases in feed and equipment costs, disease threats, and expanding animal welfare regulations – there are plenty of things that make it difficult to be profitable.


Due to these challenges, business on the farm needs to not only be resilient and flexible but ready to adapt quickly to changing environments. For farms to be prepared to make changes, they need to be aware of what is happening on the farm; and a key component of this evaluation is having access to accurate real-time production data. It is not only important to have current data, but managers also need an easy visual overview of the data so they can quickly identify where potential issues may be.

Cloudfarms Performance Dashboards is a new smart tool for all size farms that will help drive your pork production forward through a simple automated real-time dashboard. You will find great visualizations of your production data in multiple formats (e.g., graphs, tables, gauges) which are 100% customizable. Performance Dashboards can be viewed on a smart TV, computer monitor or any mobile device and are automatically updated every 20 minutes. 


 Easy to understand: Large amounts of data are presented in a visually appealing format that is more meaningful and easily communicated with your team. 

Easy to use: Once set up, the dashboard will run continuously providing your data at your fingertips from anywhere at any time, allowing you the flexibility to share results with your team in the breakroom or with your field staff who are not at the farm. 

Easy to compare: Displays real-time data from one farm or multiple farms – either as a comparison between selected farms or as a consolidation of data for all farms. 


It is well known that making data driven decisions is the most profitable way for companies to make changes. But with labor shortages and companies needing to do more with less resources, we need to get away from spending time looking through paperwork and even spreadsheets. Our Performance Dashboards provide an easy-to-use visualization of data that allows you to quickly identify and react to or even potentially prevent production issues thus saving you money.

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