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Cloudfarms is the first fully cloud-based solution for managing and analyzing the production data for pork producers of any size. Customers in 40 countries on 5 continents use the solution to make their operations more efficient and productive.


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Pig Management System

Cloudfarms is an easy-to-use Pig Management System that supports all pork production processes, including full-line, breeding, multiplication, and nucleus management. Cloudfarms provides a mobile app for fast and accurate data recording and reports with automatically updated real-time data.

Recordings by Mobile App

Recordings by Mobile App

Fast recordings Save >5 hours each week per 1,000 sows on data entry

Accurate data User notification of potential errors resulting in less hassle with 85% more accurate data

Reports in Real-Time

Recordings by Mobile App

Real-time data Have data immediately available in automatically updated reports

Timely decisions Save costs through faster decisions based on real-time reports

One System for Full-Line Production

Recordings by Mobile App

From sows to finishers Manage all data from sow farms and finisher farms in one system

Breeding management Manage all data from breeding of sows and boars

Multi-Site Reporting & Benchmarking

Recordings by Mobile App

Consolidated reports Get company-wide transparency – in real-time, by one click

Benchmark reports Benchmark multiple farms with each other – in real-time, by one click

Workforce Management

Recordings by Mobile App

Automated work planning Enable your workforce to become more organized and efficient

External access to reports Collaborate with veterinarians and consultants through remote access

Traceability Platform

Cloudfarms’ Traceability Platform provides transparency to track the full pork supply chain including crop harvesting and storage, feed mill, pig production, slaughter, deboning, and meat processing.


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