We are a leading solution technology provider to pig producers.

Cloudfarms is a cloud-based Pig Production Management System. You can run the system via a browser on your computer or tablet. The system supports all pig production processes including full line, breeding, multiplication and nucleus management.

Data Anytime and Everywhere

  • Access your farm data from any device at anytime & anywhere.
  • Direct access for advisors and vets possible.
  • No software installation, maintenance or backups needed.
  • Unlimited number of users, each with own set of access rights.

Multisite Farms

  • Manage all your farms in one place.
  • Analyze your data on the level of choice: from single stable to Holding.
  • Standardize your processes and data across all your farms.
  • Easily move animals between your farms.

Powerful Analysis & Reporting

  • Always up to date information about the structure of your herd.
  • Easily export data to Excel for more detailed analysis.
  • Get your multi-sited farm data consolidated in one system.
  • Do your data analysis and reports fast and easy.

Easy Data Entry

  • Data entry on the PC in the office or on the mobile in the stable.
  • QR-enabled data entry and the instant data verification lowers the error rate.
  • Up to date work- and check lists in the stable. No need to re-enter data from papers.

We are enabling the newest technologies to be used by our customers to make their productions more efficient and productive.

Cloudfarms innovative cloud based it-system improves our efficiency significantly and gives the management a value-added, exact and verifiable platform to manage and control our business


Lars Christiansen

Production Director

Our people can now focus on managing the pigs, and not on data entry and data consolidation. Cloudfarms is managing all of it for us.