Individual Animal Tracking

Improve animal welfare, monitor the health of your animals and make data-driven decisions to push your business forward.
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Individual Animal Tracking makes it easy to:


Record and access data of individual animals including weight, feed consumption, treatments, vaccinations, and more


Access data any time from any location


Monitor health and growth of each pig


Add comments and remarks for each individual to monitor specific properties and prevent potential issues


Enter data by using RFID tags that can be scanned with the mobile app


View full history of the animal as every event is tied to that individual

Cloudfarms Packages

Animal Tracking, also known as Pig Passport, is a critical aspect of modern pig management. System enables tracking of every pig on the farm with data that helps optimize animal welfare. Farmers can monitor the health and well-being of each pig, ensuring they receive proper care and treatment. 

This also enables early detection of potential health issues, allowing farmers to take action quickly and prevent the spread of diseases.  

Core Package

  • Simultatious individual and group registrations
  • Weaners and finishers life cycle traceability
  • Individual animal card
  • Complete individual medicine usage history
  • Allflex
  • Merko
  • MS Schippers
  • Tracecompany
  • Tru-Test
  • Agrident
  • Vanch
  • Aitronic

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