The Cloudfarms Traceability Platform

Providing transparency to track the full pork supply chain including crop harvesting and storage, feed mill, pig production, slaughter, deboning and meat processing.

Document how your pork is produced

The solution gives you information about the origin and preparation of the feed, such as from which fields and which external suppliers the grain and other feed ingredients is coming and whether the feed contains genetically modified plants. It allows to follow the medicine usage both on individual animals and on animals groups, so that you can credibly demonstrate whether the meat comes from animals that have been treated with antibiotics or whether the animals have been raised without the usage of antibiotics.

Transparency from farm to table

The traceability solution allows you to trace where the animal have been born and raised and so is gives you to ability to communicate to the customers all the aspects of animal welfare on your farms and so to differentiate your product from the other suppliers on the market. Tracking of individual slaughter pigs is supported so the slaughterhouse can get a “passport” together with each delivered pig. The slaughter data like lean meat, carcass weight, illnesses, sex, payment, etc… can be delivered back to the farm for optimization purposes. In case of a quality issue, the solution enables you to pinpoint the source of the problem faster and allows you to identify which products need to be recalled.