Traceability Platform

Cloudfarms’ Traceability Platform provides transparency to track the full pork supply chain, including crop harvesting and storage, feed mill, pig production, slaughter, deboning, and meat processing. The solution enables companies along the whole pork value chain to quickly and securely enter, analyze and exchange data. Get the complete supply chain overview and provide the provenance of your products.


Document how your pork
is produced

Traceability Platform provides information about the origin and preparation of feed, such as: from which fields and which external suppliers grain and other feed ingredients are coming from, and whether the feed contains genetically modified plants. It allows following the medicine usage, both on individual animals and animals’ groups so that it can be credibly demonstrated whether the animals have been raised without antibiotics.

Transparency from field to fork

Cloudfarms’ traceability solution allows tracing of where the animals were born and raised. Tracking of individual slaughter pigs is supported, so the slaughterhouse can get a “passport” together with each delivered pig. The slaughter data (lean meat, carcass weight, illnesses, sex, payment, etc.) can be delivered back to the farm for future optimization purposes. And in case of a quality issue, the solution enables to pinpoint the source of a problem faster and allows to identify which products need to be recalled.


Traceability Platform brings benefits to the whole supply chain


Transparency for consumers

  • Track your products across the supply chain from field to stores
  • Enhance your brand authenticity
  • Create trust
  • Become a premium supplier
  • Partner with other parts of the value chain


Fast and precise
product recalls

  • Instantly identify the source of contaminations or point the wrong composition
  • Save time: All dots are already connected
  • Reduce costs by exactly locating the affected batches
  • Become best in class example


Efficient supply chain

  • Have complete overview of the stocks
  • Extend the overview along supply chains
  • Connect the supply chain
  • Have full information in real-time
  • Increase transparency
  • Enable data exchange between farms, feed mills and processing


Automated sustainability calculation

  • Assess the sustainability of your production
  • Numerous impact categories: Carbon emission, water consumption, etc.
  • Calculations based on global standards
  • Compare development over time
  • Make science-based adjustments in your operations
  • Flexible reporting

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Why do pork producers use
a traceability system?

Cloudfarms innovative cloud based it-system improves our efficiency significantly and gives the management a value-added, exact and verifiable platform to manage and control our business

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