Bovbjerg Genetics A/S: Optimizing Pig Production with Cloudfarms

Bovbjerg Genetics A/S has a reputation for delivering top-notch genetics and technical services for the livestock industry in Denmark. By emphasizing efficiency and sustainability, they have established themselves as a prominent player in the field.

blankReal-time data improves pig farm productivity

One of the key tools that has helped Bovbjerg Genetics A/S achieve their goals is Cloudfarms, a comprehensive pig farming management platform. By using Cloudfarms, the company is able to track and manage all aspects of their operations, from breeding and reproduction to feeding and health management. 

The advantages of Cloudfarms are numerous. For one, it allows Bovbjerg Genetics A/S to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations in real-time. One example of a data-driven decision is in regards to pig feed. Using data on the growth rates and nutritional needs of their pigs, the company was able to determine that certain feed formulas were more effective in promoting healthy weight gain and overall well-being. This has resulted in increased pig farm efficiency and productivity, saving the company both time and money.

blankSustainable pork production leader in Denmark

But the benefits of Cloudfarms go beyond just efficiency. By using this platform, Bovbjerg Genetics A/S is able to reduce their reliance on paper records and minimize the risk of errors. This not only makes their operations more efficient, but it also helps to reduce waste and minimize their environmental impact. In addition to their use of Cloudfarms, Bovbjerg Genetics A/S has implemented a number of other sustainability measures, including renewable energy and water conservation techniques. These efforts have earned them a reputation as a leader in sustainable pork production in Denmark.

If you’re looking for high-quality pig genetics and technical services from a company that is committed to sustainability, consider supporting Bovbjerg Genetics A/S. With the help of Cloudfarms, they are able to optimize their operations and minimize their environmental impact.

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