Pig Passport is the newest feature of Cloudfarms Pig Management system which allows pork producers individual tracking of each pig through the whole life cycle from birth to processing.

Pig Passport captures data for all the important milestone events through the entire pork production cycle.

Better KPIs​

The Pig Passport allows you to collect more specific KPIs thanks to data collection for individual animals. For example, producers can track individual piglet weight and feed consumption to know how much they are eating and to understand how well each pig is growing.

Detailed Medication​

A complete medicine history is available for each individual animal. This allows pork producers to track types and quantities of medicine given to each pig throughout its life and to easily adhere to medication withdrawal times.

Faster Process

Selling and buying of individual animals between farms can be done quickly and with full animal history by using the Cloudfarms shipping import code.

How does the individual tracking of animals work?

“An electronic ear tag connected to the Cloudfarms Mobile App allows fast, reliable, and easy data entry for each pig directly in the barn. The individual animal data are made available in real-time reports through the Cloudfarms web application.”

History of Fostering​

Provides history and tracking of fostered piglets to have more specific data about successful fostering practices.

Tracking of Origin​

Thanks to individual tracking producers can always determine the country of origin for each animal.

Analyzing of External Factors​

Will help to improve production by defining the best practices based on the data from each individual weaned piglet.

Birth Tracking​

Can provide the information about each pig and their genetics including dam and sire.

Easy to Use​

Our Mobile Application with each feature including the individual tracking is designed for all levels of users to be very user-friendly.





Birth location, genetics/lineage, gender, breed, birth weight, sire and dam
Provides knowledge about each pig and their genetics including dam and sire. Can be useful for analyzing different breeds or genetic lines.


Piglets fostered on and off for each sow
Provides history and tracking of fostered piglets to help understand fostering practices and if they are effective.


Sow each piglet is weaned from, location change after weaning, weaning weight, and weaning age
Important for analyzing how weaning weight and age influence productivity of the pigs. Individual weaned piglet data can help improve production by identifying best practices for weaning.


Movement of animals in the barn
With this function you can see the movement of animals, which location they came from and went to.


Individual and group treatments including medicine name, illness being treating, dose and dosage, location where medicine is given, and withdrawal times
By using individual registrations of medicine you have specific information on when, what type and dose of medicine each animal was given. This can help identify if treatments are effective and allow easy tracking of withdrawal times.


Weight of the animal anytime during production
Weighing allows you to monitor the growth of each pig throughout the production process and when combined with feed consumption producers can get valuable growth data.


Selling date, customer name, location, individual animal IDs, selling weight and selling reason – we can also capture slaughter data such as carcass weight, payment and lean meat %
Selling of individuals allows you to track exactly which animals leave your farm and on what day. You can also generate different documents to go along with the sale. For example, shipping documents can include pedigree, breed, index, medicine usage, growth – basically any data you have captured elsewhere in Cloudfarms.


Death date, location, death type and death reason
Very valuable for analyzing deaths on farm to help reduce mortality of the herd, which ultimately will result in better animal welfare. Individual tracking could also allow you to analyze specific factors, for example deaths for a specific breed, parity, gender etc.


Buying date, customer name and location, and individual animal IDs. Also, possible to enter buying weight and price, birth date, gender, dam, sire, etc.
We can easily import data of individual animals purchased into Cloudfarms through an Excel or .txt file. This provides an easy way to bring animals into the herd saving your office time and allowing you to spend more time where it matters, with the pigs. Animals that are bought from another Cloudfarms user can use an import code which further simplifies the process.
Jens Toppenberg,

Cloudfarms Managing Director

“Allowing more traceability, transparency and precision, individual management of pigs is the foundation to address key challenges of the pig industry such as food safety, animal health, efficient and sustainable production, and full transparency for consumers.” -

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