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    Unique Mobile App​

    Cloudfarms mobile app provides you with an intuitive, user-friendly interface to collect data pen-side.

    Reporting in Real-Time​

    Using the mobile app allows the data in the reports to show what happened in the barns 20 minutes ago.

    Pig Passport​

    New “Pig Passport” feature for easy and reliable registration of individual animals directly in the barn.

    More Features

    Cloudfarms’ swine production data management enables producers around the world to continuously improve the efficiency and productivity of advanced farming operations. Saves your time, prevents mistakes, helps you make data-driven decisions, maximizes performance and enhances productivity of your farm.

    One System​

    Simplify data systems through one system from breeding to finishing.

    Multi-Site Reporting​

    Transparency across farms through consolidated reports.


    Organize your workforce efficiently through work lists, tasks and overviews.

    Cloud-based System​

    Solution is hosted in the cloud, so data is available in several locations.

    Easy to Implement​

    After 2 days of one on one training, pork producers are able to use our system. ​

    Data Safety​

    Our solution is reinforced with changing encryptions and bank level firewalls.

    Customer Service​

    Fast response time from our highly skilled Customer Support managers.

    Technical Support​

    Support for data migration from your current system and onboarding training included.

    On Demand Reports​

    Records are up to date allowing you to analyze the data and generate reports quickly.

    Henrik Almind, Head of Sales about Cloudfarms:

    Your goals, our support. Pig Management from Cloudfarms is the comprehensive solution which can support the management of any size of pig farm from birth to processing.

    What I personally like about our web solution is:

    • how modern technology can easily connect to and support the “typical and old” way of the pork industry – farming.
    • how complex the solution can potentially be, from basic reporting to top-class modules.
    • how close in mindset our team members are to the real farmers, as many of our team have experience working directly on pig farms.

    Cloudfarms works very closely with customer insights and requests. Many of our features are developed in conjunction with our clients to improve their processes and increase efficiency.


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