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Manage your multi-site pork production in the most efficient way.

Pig Management from Cloudfarms allows pork producers to use modern technology to connect data from all farms in your company simultaneously. Farmers can easily follow their production results based on real-time data inputs but also be sure that their employees are performing well in their daily tasks. Whether you are a new employee and pig management user or are a long-time expert, you will find the user-friendly features and solutions you need to manage your production efficiently through our smart technology.


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With Cloudfarms real-time data reporting, you can see if you are meeting your targets from anywhere.

Many of our customers display our real-time reports on a smart TV or monitor in their farm office. Data is updated every 20 minutes allowing the entire team to see current information on their daily performance. Our mobile app can be used out in the barn without Wi-Fi and integrates with all types of ear-tag readers providing employees an accurate, easy solution for entering all daily registrations like servings, farrowings, weanings, feed consumption, etc.

As soon as the device connects to Wi-Fi, it synchronizes, and data is seamlessly transferred to the web allowing real-time production results to be displayed in the reports on the TV. This eliminates the need for a hand-written whiteboard and with real-time data there is no delay waiting for records to be entered, you can act immediately on potential issues or deficiencies.

For example, if you are showing a high number of stillborn piglets, you can take immediate action by talking to farrowing employees about more frequent checks on the sows. Discover how easy it can be to manage your production through Cloudfarms pig management system using our smart mobile app and real-time reporting.

The Story Behind Cloudfarms


Cloudfarms was founded by Jens Toppenberg and Gregor Raýman. The idea for the company came about while they were working at a global corporation leading sales and development. In 2010, Jens had the opportunity to meet several large Danish pig farmers and discovered that they were still largely using a paper-based system feeding into outdated technology to manage their data. Together Jens and Gregor decided to use their experience and know-how to create a modern digital solution to optimize pig production. Their vision was to create an innovative pig management software driven by real-time data through an intuitive user interface.

In 2013, Cloudfarms was born. Since then, we’ve evolved into the global leader in swine data management, committed to providing the latest features and capabilities that enable pork producers to efficiently manage their production. Cloudfarms now operates in over 40 countries worldwide.

Our business model is built on customer-driven development of our pig management solution achieved through communication and collaboration between customers, industry partners, our developers and other team professionals. Our most recent innovation is the ability to create a “Pig Passport” which tracks individual animals all the way from birth to slaughter using real-time data and traceability to connect all levels of the pork supply chain. In 2020, the company was acquired by BASF to further accelerate the development of Cloudfarms.

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