Workflow & Alert Management

Create a more efficient workplace, friendly environment and make the work-life balance of your employees a priority.
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Workflow & Alert Management allows you to easily:


Improve communication with employees


Strengthen relationships within team


Schedule tasks from feeding to cleaning


Monitor capabilities and track working time to identify areas for improvement - alert important issues or tasks


Maximize efficiency and productivity with no need to work over-time

Cloudfarms Packages

We are continuously developing new features and modules to make your pork production more efficient and productive.

Professional Production

This package contains everything you expect from the most modern and comprehensive Production Management System – from simple data collection to real-time reporting, whether you run a single farm or a large multi-site operation.

Customer favorite: The mobile app provides you with an intuitive, user-friendly interface to collect data inside the barns. While in the app, you can read QR codes printed on sow cards and electronic ear tags. The mobile app instantly validates data entered and notifies users of inconsistencies. The app can work offline – as soon as it connects to the internet, the data automatically synchronizes to the cloud.

  • Animal card
  • Animal events history
  • Service registration
  • Farrowing registration
  • Weaning registration
  • Fostering registration
  • Animal movements
  • Death registration
  • Back fat registration
  • Feed consumption
  • Feed movements
  • Farrowing alerts
  • Lactation list
  • Weighing
  • Automatic information audit
  • QR code reading
  • Ear tag readings (UHF, LF)
  • News management for internal communication
  • Pregnancy scan registration
  • Animal sales
  • Animal purchases
  • Semen collection
  • Herd inventory
  • Medicine usage (whole herd and individual)
  • Finisher group management
  • KPI goals
  • Feed consumption
  • Medicine management
  • Medicine usage
  • Medicine prescription
  • Multi-prescription
  • Herd overview
  • Animal transfers
  • Relocations
  • Dead
  • Herd Inventory
  • Animal purchases
  • Animal sales
  • Sow card (1-click complete history) 
  • Serving 
  • Pregnacy scanning evaluation results
  • Farrowing 
  • Weaning 
  • Fostering 
  • Abortions 
  • Back fat registration 
  • Problematic sows management 
  • Weaners and finishers support
  • Easy group overview
  • Movements registration
  • Animal purchases
  • Animal sales
  • Death registration
  • Feed consumption
  • Weight registration
  • Growth curve
  • Medicine usage
  • Group management
  • Flow management
  • Production report
  • Efficiency report
  • Customized daily reports
  • KPI management
  • Sow analysis
  • Sow states
  • Fertility report
  • Service list
  • Server success report
  • Boar success report
  • Feed consumption report
  • Parity breed report
  • Dead insight report
  • Herd inventory
  • Transfer report
  • Statistics
  • Accounting report
  • Cost report
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Real-time reports
  • Mobile app

Customer favorite: The real-time reporting app allows you to gain an instantaneous view on the production at individual farms or consolidated across multiple farms. The reports are updating automatically as data is entered through the mobile app and the web. They can be accessed from anywhere on any portable device, like mobile phones or tablets. The reports can also be displayed for farm staff on flat screens or monitors in the office or lunchroom.


Our Add-On Packages provide unique benefits to farms with specific needs – for example, farms with the advanced need for analysis, farms with multiple sites, breeding and multiplication farms, or boar studs.

This package enables your production managers, farmworkers, and even remote veterinarians to manage routine tasks and issues more efficiently.

Automated Daily Work Lists

  • Castration
  • Pregnancy check
  • Body condition scoring
  • Vaccination
  • Veterinarian check

Issues Management

  • User/group assignment
  • User alerts
  • Photo record
  • Prioritization
  • Spare parts inventory

This package allows you to simulate the effect of changes in your production, and to create forecasts and budgets accordingly.

  • Simulation
  • Budget creation
  • Budget and forecasting comparison
  • Cost
  • Audit

This package helps you continuously improve the performance of your production – through benchmarking. Your single farm against others. All farms within your holding against each other. Always based on real-time, automatically updating data.

Multi-site Reporting

  • Company-wide efficiency report
  • Customized daily reports
  • Sow analysis
  • Herd overview
  • Statistics
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Real-time reports

KPI comparison

  • Own farm to own farm
  • Own farm to external farm
  • Own farm to Industry average


  • Ranking of farm sites
  • Individual KPI share permissions

This package contains everything you need for the modern management of breeding animals – both on breeding farms and on nucleus farms. 

  • Breeding selection
  • Gilts management
  • Test group creation
  • DNA test registration
  • Breeding plan
  • Order and sales management
  • Breeding animal location management

This package contains everything you need to manage boars and semen – not only your own boars but also external boars from other sites.

  • Internal boars
  • External boars
  • Semen inventory
  • Semen evaluation
  • Back fat registration
  • Boar success report (multi-sites)

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