Get to know our modules

Cloudfarms consist of different modules for all steps in pig production. You can choose exactly the modules you want to run. Further, the system runs in 24 languages and is online 24/7.

Core Module

The core module contains all functionality needed to manage a pig farm. From the semen collection, through serving, pregnancy check, farrowing, fostering, weaning, relocation, buying, selling, dead registrations, abortions, feed consumption, weaner and finisher management (flow or batch based) and the related reports and analysis like serving lists, fertility report, production and efficiency report, boar and server success report etc. The core module also contains a full medicine module to make the medicine configurations to animal types and illnesses as well as medicine usage. Functionality needed for the breeding (nucleus) of own animals is included.

Hierarchy Reporting

This module is intended for farms with multiple sites. It allows to create reports consolidated across multiple sites/location so that e.g. the manager of the company can see all performance indicators across all of the farms in simple reports.

It is also possible to have a day report setup that will bring you the results per farm in real-time. This report can be shown on a flat screen inside the barn, on a smart phone, tablet, PC, … It automatically updates itself all the time. Before you arrive at a farm you can check the up to date results on your mobile.


With the dashboard all the farm performance indicators can be displayed graphically in user defined charts, so that the management and barn workers can keep an up-to-date overview of the farm’s performance.

The dashboard can be displayed on a flatscreen TV, tablet, PC or even a mobile. You can make more dashboards and run them as a slideshow.


Intended for farms that would like to benchmark itself towards other farms or multi-sited organizations where they can easily benchmark site to site.
Benchmarking is integrated to the benchmarking so you in the same graph can have more farms results. Benchmarking towards external farms requires permission to see the results.

Issue Management

With the issue management module, you can easily track all issues on the farm – e.g. an broken heating lamp in the farrowing barns etc. The users can enter the issue via the mobile app and add pictures, deadlines, reason, assign persons or groups to fix the issue, priority, make private/public, …. Management can easily get an overview of the open and closed issue on the farm.

Issues management is also integrated to the medicine usage. For example, when medicating a sow you can in the same process take a picture of the sow and an issue is created. The vet can then check via Cloudfarms the medication and see a picture and comment on the issue.

Breeding Module

The breeding module is intended for breeding and multiplication farms. It allows order tracking and planning of the selling of the breeding animals. It gives the farmer the overview of how many animals they have by breed, age, sex and delivery week for sale in the future. You can create test teams of individual breeding animals and register feed intake, weights, back fat, leg conditions, body condition, …. You can see the individual grows and the teams weight gain and feed conversion rate.

Boar Station

The boar station module gives you a function to manage boars and semen tappings that are used on other sites. You can have the boar station within your own holding structure or as an external boar station. The breeding, multiplication, nucleus or productions farms can subscribe to the semen from one or more boar stations. The boars will be seen at the sow farms as external boars. Sow performance data will be shared with the boar station and use for boar success selection and optimization.

You can register semen tappings and Cloudfarms can help you calculate the number of portions and diluent based on the semen quality, amount and mortality %. You can make semen portion labels that will include a QR code that can be used to read the semen at the insemination time.

If semen is used at non Cloudfarms farms it is possible for the external pig management system to get a list of active boars as well as sending back the sow performance data to the boar station.