Cloudfarms on Pig Facts (by Danish Pig Academy)

As a modern pig farmer, you are probably always looking for the most effective and productive ways for doing your business. You want to be more profitable while having fewer expenses. It is completely understandable. However – how to choose among all the opportunities? There are so many options and products on the market. How to do the right choice? Our answer is – PIG FACTS. PIG FACTS is a concept containing theme films related to the most current topics within modern pig production. Credibility is the key to the theme films. You get the information directly from the professionals knowing the farmers’ needs and developing the products for them.

Video 2: The Cloudfarms app for easy data-entry

Simple digital solutions are essential to run a modern pig production. Keeping track of all farm parameters manually is a time-consuming task, especially if you run more than one farm. Time can only be spent once and when you sit behind your desk, the focus is taken away from management and being around the animals. An interview with Bettina Mathiessen, Cloudfarms, and Susanne Zwergius Teilmann, Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

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