New Logo Announcement: Introducing Cloudfarms Updated Brand Identity

On July 1st, Cloudfarms is launching a new logo, as we start to refresh our look general. We loved our old logo and know many felt the same, so here is an explanation about why we decided to improve it.

Why the change, exactly?

Firstly, our new logo is an updated and modernized version of the original. It reflects the growth of our company and is designed to exemplify our values as a modern, smart, and next generation software solution. Our original logo was designed by our co-founder and current CTO, Gregor Rayman, and was created to reflect a globally available solution.


Secondly, in the future, Cloudfarms will be pursuing more integration with external partners (feed systems, RFID readers, genetics companies, barn sensors) providing a more complete solution for our customers. We wanted to reflect this customer driven-development in our new logo: the two white and blue squares indicate partnership and smart solutions. One square is the other’s counterpart and each complements the other.

“Cloudfarms builds bridges between the software solution and our customers. Customers aren't just buying software, they are entering into a partnership with us and that is what is going to help our solution to drive the future of pig management technology. The new brand identity refers not only to the relationship between pork production and a software solution but also to the connection between people, which is at the core of Cloudfarms and its brand.”

The backstory

It is an updated fresh look for Cloudfarms that better matches the transformation we have made as a company. We have chosen a new logo that is modern with

key elements that convey our mission to connect the whole supply chain; production, customers, integrators, and external partners; to deliver excellent services to each of our clients, partners and investors. Our new logo was made in cooperation with a designer, Martin Riekert. “The logo redesign was an exciting process. We first had to get it clear that it really should be a further development of the old logo and not a completely new one. So the task was to visualize the attributes, connection, and inclusion in combination with the letters c and f and a circle. It should look smart with a little inspirational detail. The result is a high quality looking design that is very linear, reduced, and clearly constructed.”


A new arrival

There is also another exciting reason we have decided to redefine our look right now. Soon we will be introducing a new concept called Cloudfarms Academy! The project will connect our customers with our product specialists and introduce them to new features in Cloudfarms, allowing them to fully utilize our pig management system.

More to come later this year — but for now, our lips are sealed.