Innovation to drive your pork production

Digital technologies to improve pork production and transform on-farm data into actionable performance measures are on the rise globally. Cloudfarms’ mission is to support pork producers by connecting smart technology together with the experience of real farmers. Cloudfarms’ Pig Management system allows producers around the world to boost the efficiency and productivity of their farming operations. It combines a web-based cloud application with a modern mobile app for easy data collection in the barn supporting an unlimited number of users with simultaneous access. The quick and easy data collection provides real-time reporting allowing pork producers to make better and faster decisions creating more flexibility for production planning. blank With an intuitive and user-friendly design, our mobile app is easy to use by employees of all skill levels. All data are instantly validated in the app, and users are notified about any inconsistencies. The app does not require a Wi-Fi connection. All the data collected in the barns are stored in the device and will synchronize to the Pig Management web application as soon as the device connects to the internet. The app can also read QR codes printed on the sow card, or it can be integrated with electronic ear tags (UHF & LF), thus reducing the potential for data entry errors. Simply scan the ear tag of the animal with the tag reader and the app will automatically transfer the information to Pig Management. blank Some additional features of the Cloudfarms mobile app solution are the options for customized farrowing alerts, easy recordings of fostering events, wean ahead weaning function, recording group and individual medicine treatments and retreatment alerts. We are continually updating and enhancing our solution with the vision to bring a next-generation tool for pork producers with instant data collection and real-time reports using smart technology to help improve production. blank Radoslav Martinec, a software developer for Cloudfarms Application about the future of the Mobile solution: “Our development team is looking at our Pig Management system from a pig producer’s point of view, so our goal is to have a user-friendly solution with an easy interface which will be easy to use for any of the employees in pork production. We are constantly collaborating with all of our customers to implement their feedback / additional requests to Pig Management. I am looking forward to the new features in development – the workforce management, where our solution will automatically generate tasks for the staff on the farm.” blank Cloudfarms’ vision is to digitize data for the pork industry by providing a solution to capture real-time data in an easy user-friendly way. We are extremely excited to bring the most innovative and effective solutions to the market which includes and combines the needs and knowledge directly from our customers with the high-level skills of our technology experts. We have customers using our swine data farm management system in over 40 countries around the world