Challenge for modern pig farmers: Resource limitations and how to face it

Challenge no. 1 – Make the farm an attractive place to work  

One of the key challenges facing pig farmers are limited resources around labor. Because of this, farmers need to have a strong focus on looking for and retaining farm talent.  A workplace should be an environment that inspires a person to utilize their skills and abilities for the overall improvement of the company in addition to their own professional growth. A key element for attracting farm talent is to make the farm “a cool place to work”.

How can Cloudfarms help?  

Working at a farm is many times unattractive to new employees because it seems old fashioned but by using modern technologies you can create the feeling of a contemporary workplace. Cloudfarms Pig Management is a great example that changes the farm from outdated using pen and paper to innovative and leading-edge by using a mobile app. Revolutionizing the complete working process of the business through technology provides efficiencies for the company while keeping employees motivated to work in the “cool” environment.

Smart solutions can also improve the communication between management and the employees thus reducing employee stress. By using new types of technology employees can have a clear understanding of farm processes ensuring that daily tasks are accomplished correctly while reducing potential frustrations from both the employee and their supervisor.     

Challenge no. 2 – Create a trained and educated team  

The second challenge is how to attract the right talent. Farms do not always have the choice of hiring farm-skilled talent due to limitations of the location because many farms are in less populated rural areas. Because we cannot change the location of the barns, it is important to be appealing to both well-educated or experienced candidates and to those who are inexperienced or new to farming but are motivated to learn.  To combat the uncertainty of employee skill level, companies should utilize smart technologies that are simple and straightforward. Innovative solutions that are user-friendly and easy to learn will allow all employees to succeed and be most efficient which will help prevent employee turnover.

How can Cloudfarms help?  

Using Cloudfarms mobile app makes working on the farm easier for the employee and more efficient for the farmer.  Our system is built with multiple data validation points for the user. This functionality creates “guidelines” for performing tasks because it lets employees know when they enter incorrect information or information outside of the parameters you have set for your farm. When they do enter information incorrectly you can see a list of those entries as well as the person who entered them.  This provides an easy way for managers to review incorrect data and opportunities for retraining while still protecting the integrity of the data.

Case Study  

The feedback from one of our customers, Canmark Family Farming, is very positive regarding our Pig Management. We asked them to compare how much time they saved using Cloudfarms mobile app over their old system. They revealed that they save an estimated 4-8 hours per week per 1000 sows on data entry and data corrections.  

,,This time savings is invaluable as it allows more time for employees to spend taking care of the pigs rather than doing paperwork. And in our labor-limited industry, every minute counts.”

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